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CRL 316 Stainless Steel 25mm Diameter Standoff Bases + Cap

Available in Eight Lengths
Infinite Design Options Including Shelving, Signage, Furniture and Retail Display
Brushed or Polished 316 Stainless Steel Finishes
Can Be Used Indoors or Outdoors
Threaded Completely Through

In display or furniture manufacturing, the innovative design achieves maximum exposure and attention. CRL's 25mm Diameter Standoff System provides the user with unlimited design potential for retail displays, exhibit building, restaurant or commercial applications. By simply drilling 14 mm holes in glass, plastic or wood panels, and polishing or finishing the edges, a completely different and contemporary look can be achieved. Each stock size 25mm round is drilled and tapped thru the complete length (with exception to the 100mm and 150mm lengths). 

CRL 25mm Standoff Cap - WDCAP1x - 25mm Standoff Cap Assemblies are designed to be used with CRL's 25 mm Standoff Bases to create displays, furniture or signage. Cap Assemblies are easily installed using the Standoff Wrench.

CRL Hanger Bolts - WDHB14-12x - 1/4"-20 Thread Size Works with All 25mm Standoff Bases -  Stainless or Zinc Hanger Bolts can be used in wood, or with plastic anchors.

CRL Stainless 1/4"-20 Thread Nylock Hex Nut - WDNLN1420x - These CRL Nylock Hex Nuts are available in both stainless and zinc finishes, and may be used without locking washers for attachment to Allen screws or threaded rod for 25 mm diameter standoffs.

CRL Threaded Rod for 25mm Standoffs - WDTR1420X36x - This CRL Threaded Rod for Standoffs is available in full 36" (914 mm) lengths of stainless or zinc threaded rod that permits you to cut rod to desired length.

CRL Hanger Bolt Insert Tool - WD165HB416 - Used to Drive Hanger Bolt Into Wall Easily - For Hand or Electric Screw Driver.

CRL Standoff Wrench - WDSOW - Allows a quick and efficient method for tightening and loosening the Standard Cap Assembly of 25 mm and 32mm diameter Round Standoffs. 
25mm Diameter Standoff Bases & Cap
8 different sizes in polished or brushed stainless steel
Cat. No.DescriptionFinish
WDSOB1014BS6mm Standoff BaseBrushed StainlessIn Stock
WDSOB1012BS13mm Standoff BaseBrushed StainlessIn Stock
WDSOB1034BS19mm Standoff BaseBrushed StainlessIn Stock
WDSOB101BS25mm Standoff BaseBrushed StainlessIn Stock
WDSOB10112BS38mm Standoff BaseBrushed StainlessIn Stock
WDSOB102BS50mm Standoff BaseBrushed StainlessIn Stock
WDSOB104BS100mm Standoff BaseBrushed StainlessIn Stock
WDSOB106BS150mm Standoff BaseBrushed StainlessIn Stock
WDCAP1BSCapBrushed StainlessIn Stock
WDSOB1014PS6mm Standoff BasePolished StainlessIn Stock
WDSOB1012PS13mm Standoff BasePolished StainlessIn Stock
WDSOB1034PS19mm Standoff BasePolished StainlessIn Stock
WDSOB101PS25mm Standoff BasePolished StainlessIn Stock
WDSOB10112PS38mm Standoff BasePolished StainlessIn Stock
WDSOB102PS50mm Standoff BasePolished StainlessIn Stock
WDSOB104PS100mm Standoff BasePolished StainlessIn Stock
WDSOB106PS150mm Standoff BasePolished StainlessIn Stock
WDCAP1PSCapPolished StainlessIn Stock
WD165HB416Insert Tool-In Stock
WDHB14112S38mm Hanger BoltStainlessIn Stock
WDHB14212S64mm Hanger BoltStainlessIn Stock
WDHB14112Z38mm Hanger BoltZincIn Stock
WDHB14212Z64mm Hanger BoltZincIn Stock
WDS0WStandoff WrenchZincIn Stock
WDNLN1420SNylock NutStainlessIn Stock
WDNLN1420ZNylock NutZincIn Stock
WDTR1420X36SThreaded Rod - 914mmStainlessIn Stock
WDTR1420X36ZThreaded Rod - 914mmZincIn Stock