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Single and Double Glass Suction Lifters

Suction Lifter, All-rubber with two finger holes - for working quickly and efficiently - suitable for all materials like glass, plastic, metal, wood and marble - diameter 80 mm - Load capacity 10 kg - Lifting direction vertical - Weight 0.052 kg

Lightweight Red Plastic Design - Two Suction Pads Individually Operated - 114 mm Diameter Pads

VERIBOR blue line Suction Lifter, 2-Cup, Suction pad 120 mm Ø - Load capacity 60 kg - Lifting direction parallel - Weight 0.84 kg

Pulling the individual tabs on the pads down creates the suction on the substrate. To release, the tabs are pulled to the upright position. The vacuum lifter can be used on almost any smooth, non-porous substrate - glass, marble, granite, etc.

Cat. No.DescriptionLoad Capacity
WD609.80Black Single Pad - 2 Finger Hole10kgIn Stock
WD05062PRed Plastic Double Pad60kgIn Stock
WD602.4BLVeribor Double Suction Lifter60kgIn Stock