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Anti-Mist Heated Mirror Pads

Anti-Mist Heated Mirror Pad - Ensures Your Mirror Remains Crystal Clear Even in the Most Steamy Bathroom - Simple to Fit - Maintenance Free - 11 sizes available.
Anti-Mist Heated Mirror Pads
Cat. No.DescriptionSize - mm
WD21251MPHeated MIrror Pad483 x 410In Stock
WD21252MPHeated MIrror Pad564 x 410In Stock
WD21253MPHeated MIrror Pad1369 x 410In Stock
WD21254MPHeated MIrror Pad671 x 524In Stock
WD21255MPHeated MIrror Pad832 x 524In Stock
WD21256MPHeated MIrror Pad1531 x 524In Stock
WD7020MPHeated MIrror Pad584 x 274In Stock
WD7030MPHeated MIrror Pad524 x 520In Stock
WD7035MPHeated MIrror Pad785 x 524In Stock
WD7040MPHeated MIrror Pad1040 x 524In Stock
WD7050MPHeated MIrror Pad1505 x 524In Stock