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Plexiglass Heavy Duty Convex Mirror

Improves Safety and Reduces Accidents
Discourages Shoplifting
For Indoor or Outdoor Use, Includes Edge Trim to Protect Mirror, 160 Degree Wide Angle Viewing

This CRL Circular Heavy-Duty Plexiglas Mirror come with a 160 degree wide angle Plexiglas mirror that is extremely durable and sealed for weatherproofing. It can be mounted strategically for both safety and surveillance. CRL convex mirrors have many uses in commercial, institutional and industrial applications. Use CRL10 Plastic Polish to clean and protect your plexiglas mirror.
Convex Security Mirrors
Cat. No.Size
WDPLXR13330mm (13")In Stock
WDPLXR18457mm (18")In Stock
WDPLXR26660mm (26")In Stock
WDPLXR30762mm (30")In Stock
WDPLXR36914mm (36")In Stock
WDPLXR481219mm (48")In Stock