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Small Adjustable Glass Shelf Support Brackets

WD31 Series Adjustable Chrome Shelf Grip for 4 to 12mm Glass - Sold by the Pair - For Shelves Up to 250mm Deep.
For maximum strength in drywall installations, grips should be secured to a stud no more than 400mm apart. In concrete installations quality anchors are recommended. The material directly behind the grip could have an effect on the grips performance. Hard materials such as concrete, tile or marble do not have the tendency to dent or collapse. However, depending on its condition, drywall can compress or dent and allow the front edge of the shelf to slant down. Therefore, the depth of the shelf and the amount of weight placed on it should be considered in this type of installation. Maximum recommended weight per pair of Shelf Grips correctly installed is 20 kilograms.

WDDL631CH Adjustable Chrome Shelf Bracket - Adjustable Shelf Brackets are designed to work with 3 to 24 mm thick glass or wood shelves, up to 250mm deep. Sold as a pair. 
Glass Shelf Supports
Cat. No.Description
WD31ES2ZABCHPetit Chrome Shelf GripIn Stock
WD31ES1ZABCHSmall Chrome Shelf GripIn Stock
WDDL631CHSquared Chrome Shelf GripIn Stock