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Geneva Series Glass Shower Door Hinges

Self-Centering with Reversible 5 Degree Pivot Pin - Available in Brushed Nickel and Chrome - Three Year Warranty

The Geneva Series of professional Hinges is able to accommodate 8 mm to 12 mm glass. A variety of six styles gives design flexibility, including three different Wall Mount and three different Glass-to-Glass types. Geneva Hinges are self-centering and contain a Reversible 5° Pivot Pin. In addition, Custom Pivot Pins are available to accommodate "off-angle" installations. Made of solid brass with all moving parts (pins and springs) in stainless steel.
Geneva Series Shower Door Hinges
Wall mount and glass-to-glass hinges, standard & 5º Pre-Set
Cat. No.MountingClosingFinish
WDGEN037BNWall Mount Full Back PlateStandardBrushed NickelIn Stock
WDGEN537BNWall Mount Full Back Plate5º Pre-SetBrushed NickelIn Stock
WDGEN037CHWall Mount Full Back PlateStandardChromeIn Stock
WDGEN537CHWall Mount Full Back Plate5º Pre-SetChromeIn Stock
WDGEN074BNWall Mount Short Back PlateStandardBrushed NickelIn Stock
WDGEN574BNWall Mount Short Back Plate5º Pre-SetBrushed NickelIn Stock
WDGEN074CHWall Mount Short Back PlateStandardChromeIn Stock
WDGEN574CHWall Mount Short Back Plate5º Pre-SetChromeIn Stock
WDGEN044BNWall Mount Offset Back PlateStandardBrushed NickelIn Stock
WDGEN544BNWall Mount Offset Back Plate5º Pre-SetBrushed NickelIn Stock
WDGEN044CHWall Mount Offset Back PlateStandardChromeIn Stock
WDGEN544CHWall Mount Offset Back Plate5º Pre-SetChromeIn Stock
WDGEN045BN135º Glass-to-GlassStandardBrushed NickelIn Stock
WDGEN545BN135º Glass-to-Glass5º Pre-SetBrushed NickelIn Stock
WDGEN045CH135º Glass-to-GlassStandardChromeIn Stock
WDGEN545CH135º Glass-to-Glass5º Pre-SetChromeIn Stock
WDGEN180BN180º Glass-to-GlassStandardBrushed NickelIn Stock
WDGEN580BN180º Glass-to-Glass5º Pre-SetBrushed NickelIn Stock
WDGEN180CH180º Glass-to-GlassStandardChromeIn Stock
WDGEN580CH180º Glass-to-Glass5º Pre-SetChromeIn Stock
WDGEN092BN90º Glass-to-GlassStandardBrushed NickelIn Stock
WDGEN092CH90º Glass-to-GlassStandardChromeIn Stock

Geneva Series Shower Door Hinge Specification

Standard Reversible Pivot Pin: Each Geneva Hinge contains a Reversible Pivot Pin. One side of the Pin is marked 90 Degrees. The opposite side is marked 85 Degrees. Standard Geneva Hinges come with the 90 Degrees side activated. Offset Models come with the Pin pre-set to 85 Degrees (5 degree tighter closure into shower interior). The Pin can be rotated (not flipped upside down) to activate the other side.

Using 2 hinges with 8 to 12 mm glass the hinge will hold up to 36kg with a maximum door width of 711mm.
Using 3 hinges with 8 to 12 mm glass the hinge will hold up to 54kg with a maximum door width of 813mm.

Glass Thickness: 8mm to 12mm Toughened Safety Glass
Special Feature: Offers choice of Standard Model factory set at standard 0° closing position, or 5º Pre-Set Model for tighter closure into shower interior.

Construction: Solid Brass
Hinge Swings: 90º in and 90º Out
Closing Type: Self-Centering when within 15º of Closed Position
Cut-Out Required
Includes: Gaskets, Screws, and Glass Fabrication Dimensions