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Taper-Loc For 12mm Toughened Glass Balustrades & Railings

Taper-Loc System for 12mm Toughened Glass - details below.

Taper-Loc System
Part No.DescriptionLength
WDB5G10D 12mm Bottom Drilled Base Shoe3 metresIn Stock
WDB5SECBSEnd Cap for 12mm Base Shoe-In Stock
WDBSCBS10Cladding for Base Shoe3 metresIn Stock
WDBSG100Rubber Gasket30 metresIn Stock
WDTL5XTapers (10 per box)-In Stock
WDAT234Bonding Tape for cladding33 metresIn Stock

Taper-Loc Components for 12mm Toughened Glass

WDB5G10D: CRL Mill Aluminium B5G Series Square Base Shoe Drilled.
Available in 3m lengths. This CRL Series Square Base Shoe is the same profile as our standard B5S Series shoe but now its 20% lighter which means it is more price competitive, environmentally friendly and will reduce shipping costs. Designed to work with CRL's Patented TAPER-LOC® System. Made in the USA.

WDTL5X: CRL TAPER-LOC® "X" Taper Set for 12mm Toughened Glass.
For Interior and Exterior Use. Precision measured control gives you high quality installs every time. Supports all mounting methods with one compact Installation/Removal Tool. Eliminates the use of messy cement

WDBSCBS10 : CRL Brushed Stainless Cladding for B5S Series Standard Square Aluminium Base Shoe
It can be secured to the Base Shoe using Cladding Tape or Silicone Sealant.

WDB5SECBS: CRL Brushed Stainless End Cap for B5S Series Standard Square Base Shoe
They can be secured to the Base Shoe using Cladding Tape or Silicone Sealant. 

WDAT234: CRL Grey 1mm x 19mm x 33 metre Acrylic Foam Very Hi-Bond Adhesive Cladding Tape
Adhesive with Tenacious Holding Power
Bonds to Most Clean, Dry Surfaces Instantly. Used for Adhering Cladding to Base Shoe. Solid Acrylic Core for Superior Strength. This CRL Grey Acrylic Foam Bonding Tape is designed for a variety of applications including cladding, auto trim attachment, window grids, signs, graphics, and construction use to replace mechanical fasteners and welds. This tape possesses a uniform high-tack acrylic adhesive on both surfaces, and will bond to most clean, dry, oil-free substrates. It's solid acrylic core gives it superior strength, and allows for clean cuts. It is flexible, mouldable and compressible, so you can conform it to intricate shapes. Best adhesion when applied at temperatures above 10°C to 38°C and full strength is attained in 72 hours.

WDBSG100: CRL Black Top Rubber Gasket for Toughened Glass Base Shoe - 30 metre Roll
Quick and Easy EPDM Rubber Gasket for Railing Base Shoe. Locks in Place When Used with CRL Base Shoe. CRL Top Rubber Gasket finishes off the top of the Base Shoe pocket after glass has been set. It also works great as a seal when used in conjunction with CRL Base Shoe when doing slant pours.